Helluva Gun Fu Fight 彙べケ゜ (Faster Version)


WARNING: this video is for music/entertainment purposes only and is NOT meant to promote or glorify violence!

back when I was making the 20 ways to demon core mixtape I thought one of those songs would make a great vaporwave video mixed with helluva boss, hazbin hotel and the better tomorrow films and this video is what I made from that idea! enjoy!

I made two versions of this video, one with a slowed down version of the song and one with the normal version of the song. the slow version can be found here: https://corder.tv/v/113?channelName=Mramerican

Footage is from A Better Tomorrow 1 and 2, Helluva boss and Hazbin Hotel.
Song is 20 Ways to Kill Someone: https://youtu.be/4WGLTrrA_lU

I do not own the footage or music. all belong to they're rightful owners.

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