Zaire Exposes Kent Hovind's Lies Testifies That Chris Jones Mol


Apologist Justin Derby revisits Kent Hovind's response to Justin's original expose and proves that just about everything that Kent Hovind said was a lie by playing the videos where Zaire, the boy that was with Chris Jones at DAL, and Zaire's mother revealed that Chris Jones actually did molest Zaire. Kent Hovind & Chris Jones Exposed Playlist: Kent Hovind Live Defends Himself | Brett Keane: Did Chris Jones Drug a Child at #DAL?: LaTisha Griffin Statement: Contradictory Kent the Slandering Gent: If you want to buy “Another Inconvenient Truth 2: Defending Young Earth Creationism”, you can go to: If you want to contribute financially to TTOR, you can go to: My Tip Jar page: TTOR Website: Follow TTOR on the following social media: CreationSocial: JoshWho TV: UGETube: Brighteon: Rumble: BitChute: Loop: Twellit: USA.Life: Bastyon: Gettr: Parler: BitTubeSocial: SocialCross: Gab: Minds: Xephula: Gorf: BrighteonSocial: