【Vocal】 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 「Dear You」 【Subbed】

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✦Title: You -Visionen im Spiegel- (Dear You)
✦Character: N/A
✦Arranger: dai
✦Lyricist: dai
✦Vocalist: Yuzuki (Yuduki)
✦Album: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Image Album Kakeramusubi

✦Translation: Higurashi Wiki
✦Image: ???

1 Million Views and 10 Thousand Likes? You people are crazy.. but seriously, thank you. Looking back I feel I could have done this video a lot better ahhh, oh well it's fine the way it is I think. Thanks for watching and enjoying the music, I'm glad to have been able to share it with you all as always!


2 Million Jesus, I have no words. I wish I could have made the video better but so long as you enjoy the music and can read the subtitles I guess that's good!


So, here's part 1 of that thing I talked about a few days ago. When I originally started the channel, I was considering doing a bunch of anime related music along with Touhou, but I could never really find lyrics, images, etc. so I decided to keep my channel just for Touhou stuff. Having said that, YAY, Zerochan image unavailable! You never fail me!

However, my favourite anime is Higurashi and I just really felt like I needed to do this, so I'm going to be subbing all the image songs for the characters, provided I can get lyrics for them.

I'll probably upload a Touhou vocal/arrange along with a Higurashi thing for the next few days. All of these songs you have to watch the anime or read the Visual Novels to understand, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

I always saw this song as fitting Shion best, but it isn't her image song (despite playing in the Visual Novel chapter centered around her). She's looking off into the sky thinking about Satoshi, wondering if he's alive and what he's doing, all that stuff. Who else could it fit, really? This song seems to be considered the "true" Dear You, but that's subjective. I still think it's Shion's character song, despite already having one (Dear You -Thanks-)