JAIC, JSTAR, ISTAR, ISR, DOD and Psinergists Formal Presentation

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Thank you all for your dilligence and desire to understand.

wban, 6glowpan 802.15.6
biosensors 802.15.4
specialized working group for sensor networks 802.15.5
c4isr articles referenced are below this video here on odysee
o.s.i.r.i.s. targeting “patterns of life” (among many other sensor networks with 5g as part of data analytics and the internet of behaviors guarantors) …

The primary message of this channel stands: The human body part known as the human biofield is not only the heart of surveillance; it has been weaponized in multiple vectors.

The human biofield is a dna generated body part .. not a new technology. The new metals based, radiation to the face technology is neuro toxic to any photonic system.

I want that remote or access to it. Time for fellow free range humans to understand that remote to all those sensors is a remote even our physicians do not have and then we can structure intellectually responsible dialogue on how to help people with proper triage and electromagnetic warfare defense.

Today’s presentation is brought to you by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Not the letter q.

Amen and thank you all for your time. May you be blessed.

Additional Note:
(The psinergists are the people on this channel who will stand, always, for body autonomy, free will and love of our fellow human. The people here have been learning steady for months and that is why they have been ahead of most truther or patriot folks. If a psinergist sent you here it because they have been studying and prepaing for real electromagnetic warfare. They are very smart people using all their body parts. They may authentically deserve and have earned your curiosity. Amen.)