JustPearlyThings Claims Unmarried Women Over 25 Are Leftovers - TTOR Reacts


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In this thought-provoking video, we dive into a recent controversial statement made by JustPearlyThings, who claimed that women over 25 who are unmarried and not virgins are "leftovers" for men to practice with. We'll examine the impact of such statements on the psyche of women who may internalize these harmful beliefs. Join us as we challenge these stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and empowering perspective.

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Pearl's Original Post: https://twitter.com/pearlythingz/status/1698870565346345164

H. Pearl Davis Says 16-Year-Olds Are More Attractive Than 26-Year-Old Women: https://timcast.com/news/h-pearl-davis-says-16-year-olds-are-more-attractive-than-26-year-old-women/

Pearl's Follow-Up Post: https://twitter.com/pearlythingz/status/1698993765254308048

Pearl's third post: https://twitter.com/pearlythingz/status/1699112325008036315

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