Raspberry Pi Keyboard Controlled Robot(c++) ENG

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this project is used with 9v battery so supply be careful. most links are in the video description or github page(here: https://github.com/Dawsatek22/Raspberry-Orb-keyboard-controlleod-robot-cpp-ENG ).

this project uses a WiringPi for GPIO programming(install guide video is in the video description and repository Readme file.)

the 3d parts are printed using the Open Robotic Platform site.(more info here: https://openroboticplatform.com/ ).
Most links are in the video description or github page.
SUMMARY: this is project how to build a keyboard controlled Robot in in c++ with a raspberry Pi 4model B/5 using vs code.

SKILLS REQUIRED: using ssh with VScode and raspberry pi and Terminal, c++/3d printing, soldering, experience in raspberry Pi os/Ubuntu Server.

Vscode EXTENSION RECOMMENDED: C/C++ Extension Pack,Remote - SSH.


laptop/pc (to ssh into the robot ). 1x Raspberrypi 3/4Model b/5. 1 x 1m usb to usb c cable 1x power bank 5v and a minium of 2A; 1x 3d printer( to print the parts). 6x f/f 20mm dupont wires.
2x m/f dupont jumper wires 20mm
6x m/m dupont jumper wires 20mm (4 are to be soldered on the tt motors)
1x 9v batterij
1x 9v battery clip with Dc jack.
1x l298n Dc motor driver.
2x yellow tt motor(2 m/m 20mm jumper wires need to be soldered on each motor).
1x 2.1mm DC Socket Power Female Connector Adapter Screw Terminal Plug

2x wheels https://www.tinytronics.nl/nl/mechanica-en-actuatoren/onderdelen/wielen/reservewiel-auto-kit-zelfbouw.

2mm flat screwdriver for terminal connector and l298n motordriver. screwdriver or allen wrench and nuts for the: 4x m2.5 6mm 4x m3 8mm 4x m3 12mm 4x m3 16mm

3D PRINTED PARTS(PlA or PETG): (the files are also stored on my github repository )

1x dt22-79-d22powerbankholdeWidthV1-powerbankholder.stl https://openroboticplatform.com/part :79. 1x dt22-76-d22Rpiholderforhatsupport-Body.stl https://openroboticplatform.com/part :76. 1x dt22-72-d22.2to4wheelerplate.stl. 1x9 volt batteries holder. https://openroboticplatform.com/. 1x L298 Holder https://openroboticplatform.com/.

github link for project https://github.com/Dawsatek22/Raspberry-Orb-keyboard-controlled-robot-c-ENG : if you like my projects i post my c++ robotics project a week earlier on this platforms(recommended for 12+ or guardian Permission):

joshwhotv: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/Dawsatek22.

corder.tv: https://corder.tv/channel/Dawsabot22.

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