Are you tired of watching the boring content and propaganda put out by the mainstream legacy media corporations and gatekeepers?  Have you ever filmed a video at home and wanted to share it with the world?  Are you looking for a video-sharing site that doesn't employ algorithms and automated AI systems that give you false copyright strikes and artificially suppress your channel?  Are you looking for a video site that champions freedom of speech in word and deed?  

Look no further.

Whether you're filming with a camcorder, a smart phone, a tablet, or a webcam on a computer, Corder is the place for independent content creators like yourselves to upload your content and broadcast yourself to the world.  Whether it be VLogs, gaming, ASMR, news & politics, religion, sports, comedy, etc, Corder is a place where diversity of content and diversity of thought thrive.

While other alt-tech video sharing sites tend to cater to creators who are already popular on YouTube while employing all the same censorship systems and draconian community guidelines that big tech sites have, Corder refuses to be that way.  We treat all creators the same, whether they have one subscriber or 1,000,000 subs.  We have no algorithms, no automated systems, and no draconian community guidelines.

Now get out there and broadcast yourself!