Horst Wessel Lied Unknown Version

this is another rare version that might have been lost media for a while since I haven't seen it reuploaded anywhere else however this one is a bit of a mystery.

I found this version on soundcloud about a year or two back and I was able download a copy before it was removed sometime later. I have no idea of the origins or information of this version such as where it originally came from, when it was made, what language its in (does sound like its in german or polish but I have no clue) or what the lyrics are. even when it was on soundcloud it was titled as an unknown version.

it does have a late 80s/early 90s Amiga or Midi vibe to the instruments and even sounds like a christmas song hence why I gave it a winter background in the video and it does sound nice.

if you know anything about this version please leave a comment.

Im simply sharing this for archival and entertainment reasons only!

I DO NOT own this song. the song belongs to its owners

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