Jeffrey Daugherty's Deception Unmasked: What Deuteronomy Actually Says About Relieving Yourself


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In this video, we unmask the deception of Jeffrey Daugherty and his misleading interpretation of Deuteronomy 23:9-14. Daugherty claimed that the passage was meant for everyday life within a city, but in reality, the practice described in this passage was specifically for when the Israelites were encamped against their enemies, suggesting that they were in a warzone or battlefield. Additionally, apologist Justin Derby will discuss how a modern-day American city could greatly benefit from following God's instructions on how to properly relieve oneself.

I'm Living Rent-Free In The Head Of Jeffrey Daugherty:

CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR CHRISTIAN. Cold Hard Bible Facts 37 #coldplunge #bible #jesus #icebath:

San Francisco’s poop problem is only getting worse:

Reports of Human, Animal Feces on San Francisco Sidewalks Increased 400 Percent Since 2012:

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