Ken Ham Responds To Me, Uses Logical Fallacy To Justify Rejecting YEC As A Salvation Issue


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In this compelling video, I engage in a thought-provoking exchange with none other than Ken Ham, the renowned creationist and founder of Answers in Genesis. Join me as I delve into the heart of a discussion on Young Earth Creationism (YEC) and its connection to salvation.

You won't believe it, but Ken Ham himself directly responded to me on Twitter, and what followed was a fascinating dialogue that exposed a logical fallacy employed by him to justify rejecting YEC as a salvation issue. I provide a comprehensive analysis of his argument and dissect the fallacy at play, shedding light on the implications for believers and skeptics alike.

Whether you're a devoted follower of Ken Ham or a curious observer seeking intellectual discourse, this video will challenge your perspective and stimulate critical thinking. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the clash of ideas as I confront Ken Ham's assertion head-on and uncover the reasoning behind his controversial stance.

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