Doom All Secrets Guide

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I wasn't sure when to upload this since I've uploaded a lot of Doom videos lately but since it was going to just sit in my folders for months I couldn't resist.

Hope this little guide has helped you.

## Knee-Deep In The Dead
00:00 E1M1 Hangar
00:40 E1M2 Nuclear Plant
01:47 E1M3 Toxin Refinery
05:15 E1M4 Command Control
06:04 E1M5 Phobos Lab
07:41 E1M6 Central Processing
10:19 E1M7 Computer Station
12:49 E1M8 Phobos Anomaly
03:45 E1M9 Military Base

## The Shores of Hell
13:05 E2M1 Deimos Anomaly
14:24 E2M2 Containment Area
16:55 E2M3 Refinery
17:47 E2M4 Deimos Lab
20:09 E2M5 Command Center
23:02 E2M6 Halls of The Damned
25:20 E2M7 Spawning Vats
28:02 E2M8 Tower of Babel (**No secrets**)
22:39 E2M9 Fortress of Mystery

## Inferno
28:13 E3M1 Hell Keep
28:39 E3M2 Slough of Despair
29:59 E3M3 Pandemonium
31:25 E3M4 House of Pain
33:08 E3M5 Unholy Cathedral
36:26 E3M6 MT. Erebus
38:43 E3M7 Limbo
41:26 E3M8 DIS (**no secrets**)
37:39 E3M9 Warrens


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