Half-Life Ray Tracing Full Game (No Commentaries)

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Here's my specs: GPU: RTX 3070ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core Processor RAM: 32GB **Just a reminder to wait for the video to upload completely or else it will buffer. So don't fast-forward too much. :)** Half-Life with ray tracing is simply incredible. I truly loved the experience! https://github.com/sultim-t/xash-rt/releases Here are the files to download if you want to try it yourself. Simply download Half-Life 1 (not the source version because I don't know if that works.) Extract what's inside those zip files. Then all the files that are inside these two folders called hl1-rt-resources and hl1-rt copy everything and paste it in the Half-Life directory. So you should be able to see rt, rt_bin, valve, etc... finally to launch the game go inside the folder rt_bin and launch xash3d. If you don't do it correctly the game won't have any lights and it will be near pitch black. Enjoy. --- Want to support me? You can buy me a coffee. https://ko-fi.com/gamerwiththefrenchaccent