Diablo - Playing as a Warrior - PC Full Game

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22:13 The Butcher
31:03 King Leoric
1:08:18 Catacombs
2:20:47 Cave
3:10:55 Hell
5:07:53 Arch-Bishop Lazarus
6:03:05 Diablo

I love Diablo. I like it better than the third, when it comes to the second one, I have not finished it. I never played as a warrior before, last time I finished, couple years ago, it was with the mage and I was with someone. I remember it to be quite challenging... but not like this. I had a bad experience near the end of the game when I've reached Hell. It simply became a bullet hell shooter, this was just fucking insane! I am surprised my warrior didn't explode for how much health potions I made him drink! I don't know if I played badly or it was normal to be this difficult. Not that it was hard, but it was time consuming.

I understand I needed some magic resistance, but in this game, sometimes your luck is just not on your side, the shop doesn't always generate new items, the only way is to spend some gold, but if you spend too much, you will end up not being able to buy that item. So I was basically screwed both sides. I think I still played quite well, so I hope you enjoy the video. Who knows, maybe at some point I will do Diablo II. It was great to revisit this masterpiece game, when Blizzard was still Blizzard.