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Over the last few decades, even evolutionary biologists have come to the sobering reality that the human race is deteriorating genetically and going extinct rapidly. The decay is so rapid that some biologists can't understand how we could have evolved over millions of years. One biologist even quipped, "Why aren't we dead 100 times over?" This is evidence that humanity is young, that the patriarchs might have literally lived hundreds of years, and that Jesus must return soon to save humanity from natural extinction. Young Earth Creationist Salvador Cordova will recount both his secular and creationist research on the topic of the origin and destiny of the human race, and how it affirms a literal reading of the genealogy of Jesus.

Salvador Cordova is a molecular biophysics researcher. He holds 5 science degrees including an MS in Biology and and MS in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University. He's appeared on national TV and his scientific works are both on creationist book shelves as well as secular university book shelves. His life story and Christian testimony are recounted in the cover story of the April 28, 2005 edition of the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

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"Truth: The Objective Reality" is an online Christian Apologetics ministry that is dedicated to proving that the Biblical worldview is 100 percent accurate. Justin Derby is a self-taught Christian apologist and young earth creationist, and a member of the International Association for Creation.


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