Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With Robert De Niro?

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Harvey Weinstein was a monster, 100%. However, the motivation to destroy him & his media empire (which he deserved) was actually because him & Robert DeNiro were working on an anti-vaccine documentary... this does not make Weinstein or DeNiro good men, nor does it suggest as if they were men of decent character whatsoever. Weinstein probably just wanted to make money off of producing another film. Regardless, this was the real reason behind the events that occurred involving Weinstein. The subsequent "MeToo" movement (even with real victims of horrible crimes) was then used to further inject radical feminism into U.S. culture. Horrible perverts like Weinstein are the perfect excuse for the devil to use their sins as his tool to propagate communism which further increases his power over the damned all over the world.