YouTube Lowers Their Monetization Requirements For Small Channels Like Mine


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Welcome to my channel! In this video, I have some fantastic news to share with all aspiring YouTubers out there. YouTube has just made a major update to their monetization requirements, and it's a game-changer for small channels like mine!

YouTube has now lowered the subscriber and watch hours thresholds, allowing creators to enter the coveted YouTube Partner Program more easily than ever before. This means that we can now unlock a wide range of monetization features previously reserved for larger channels.

With the new lowered requirements, creators can now have channel memberships, where our amazing community members can get exclusive perks and rewards. Additionally, we can now enable super chats, allowing viewers to make donations during live streams and have their messages highlighted.

But that's not all! YouTube has also opened the doors for us to use super thanks, super stickers, and super thanks, which are fantastic ways for viewers to show their support and appreciation. And guess what? We can now promote our own products in YouTube shopping, giving us an incredible opportunity to reach a larger audience and showcase our creations.

I am thrilled about these changes, as it means that creators like me can take our channels to new heights and connect with our audience on a whole new level. Join me in celebrating this milestone and let's dive into the details of YouTube's lowered monetization requirements together!

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