The History Of TTOR - Why Atheists, OECs, and YECs Don't Like Me


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Join apologist Justin Derby as he takes you on a captivating journey through the fascinating evolution of his content creator career in this thought-provoking video. Delve into the roots of TTOR (Truth The Objective Reality) and discover the motivations that propelled Justin to share his unique perspective with the world. Brace yourself for candid insights into the clash of ideas as Justin fearlessly explores the reasons behind the disagreements between atheists, old earth creationists (OECs), and young earth creationists (YECs) with his views.

Brett Keane | The History of Brett Keane and Why Atheists Wish I Was Dead:

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Truth: The Objective Reality is a Christian apologetics ministry that aims to demonstrate the accuracy of the biblical worldview. Established in September 2013 by Apologist Justin Derby, its goal is to address various topics related to both the #biblical #worldview and #christian #apologetics so that followers of #jesus can strengthen their defense of the biblical worldview and effectively refute worldviews that conflict with the #knowledge of #god as stated in 2 Corinthians 10:3-6.

Justin is affiliated with the International Association for Creation and has a specific interest in #young #earth #creationism , #old Earth Creationism, #atheism and #evolution . He works as an #independent #media #analyst and is a strong #advocate for #freespeech . Justin is also known for his opposition to #tech #censorship.

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