Haunted: Dethroning the Paranormal - Crossfire Healing House

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In this captivating sermon, Pastor Aaron Taylor delivers a powerful message titled "Haunted: Dethroning The Paranormal" at the renowned Crossfire Healing House on November 19, 2022. Join us as Pastor Aaron dives deep into the realm of the paranormal, revealing the reality of evil spirits and the supernatural world.

Discover the profound truth that Pastor Aaron unravels - the paranormal might be real, but it holds no authority or power over those who belong to God. With his inspiring words and unwavering faith, he imparts wisdom and assurance to confront any lingering fear of the unknown.

Crossfire Healing House, a place of spiritual strength and transformation, provides the perfect setting for this extraordinary sermon. Witness the electrifying atmosphere as the congregation unites in worship and understanding of God's protection against the unseen forces of darkness.

Let Pastor Aaron Taylor's soul-stirring sermon guide you on a journey to dethrone the paranormal and embrace the unwavering strength found in a steadfast relationship with God. Don't miss this life-changing experience that is sure to empower and uplift your spirit


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