Donnie Swaggart Rebukes Jesse Duplantis & Propserity Pimps

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In light of recent comment made by Pastor Jesse Duplantis about the Lord instructing him to believe for his fourth private jet — the $54 million Falcon 7X — I decided to create a video montage of the two major proponents of the prosperity gospel, Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis. I focused my editing around a sermon Pastor Donnie Swaggart gave in the early 2000s railing against the gospel of greed. My aim was to highlight the arrogance of these two prosperity ministers and then allow the content of Swaggart's sermon to rebut the preceding video segments. I sat through hours of false doctrine to create this video and hope it will shed light on the falsity of that particular teaching on wealth. I think you will be astounded at these two men's brazen declarations.

Please watch and share if you find it at all useful and enlightening.

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