Raspberry Pi Keyboard controlled robot(using ORB parts) ENg dub

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This a raspberry 4/ZeroW robot (using parts from orb : https://openroboticplatform.com/ )
controlled with Keyboards using VNC Viewer.
github link is here : https://github.com/Dawsatek22/Raspberry-pi-ORB-Keyboard-Controlled-Robot-ENG

This project is ment to use with ORB (openroboticsplatform) 3d printed you can find on my github repository Link : https://github.com/Dawsatek22/Raspberry-pi-ORB-Keyboard-Controlled-Robot. parts : https://openroboticplatform.com/ (you can add also more partsfrom your projects there). i would recommend removing heatsinks on the pi so the hat can fit. i am at best a average programmer so troubleshooting not my specialty but pleas comment if you need my help.

look first if you can afford the projects parts (just advice).

the python code can look weird(see for yourself i dont know if it is the hardware or the software).

python programming ,using VNC viewer(i use that for the project),3d printing, screwing bolts,soldering(for dc motor an raspberry Pi Zero/ZeroW). Installing the robot-hat Module more info here : https://docs.sunfounder.com/projects/robot-hat-v4/en/latest/index.html .

3D Printed PARTS NEEDED (PLA,PETG is optional) stl/3mf files are in the github link : https://github.com/Dawsatek22/Raspberry-pi-ORB-Keyboard-Controlled-Robot/tree/main/stl Or the ORB (openroboticplatform) link is here : https://openroboticplatform.com/ 1X dt22-72-d22.2to4wheelerplate.stl 1X jordan-25-Pi_Zero_Holder.3mf 1X dt22-68-batteryHolder6V-12-2X_18650.stl https://openroboticplatform.com/part :68.


2x nikodembartnik-11-tt_motor_wheel.3mf https://openroboticplatform.com/part :11.
2x (if you have TPU) Two part wheel for TT motor 65mm https://openroboticplatform.com/part :46.

#links are for reference. laptop/pc (i use ubuntu to control the robot)

1x 16 GB or higher micro sd card with raspberry Pi 4/Zero W compatable os installed(currently Raspberry PI recommended).

1x SunFounder Robot HAT Expansion Board Designed for Raspberry Pi (more info here : https://www.sunfounder.com/collections/expansion-boards/products/sunfounder-robot-hat-expansion-board-designed-for-raspberry-pi ). 1x Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero W(depends on holder you using). 2x Yellow tt motor dc motors https://www.amazon.com/Aoicrie-Electric-Magnetic-Engine %EF%BC%8CDIY-Vibration/dp/B083BDW3FD/ref=sr_1_5?crid=349ZR0DUA9P8&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.uG6IbMpcZ6yn_IUI48RYAwYWpvm7KXne5uj6PJtAGCt2fbDAEp_Wsaa-UFRJ-gK1DtmKW8w3-U-3ukH2teve4dWQvwHxLJe5ZPPaBvWKiJnU4_eR_cIjRO7uszjvk_RF0hfkI980S0ZdR2aoHYL43bJ8puZkgoj_cZ61hUYsOddSFvt2E2NXGUfzPq5svUwOU1kJJHFAgbHMp5ZT5eUsv9KGoHponTXKksFrB_6vTqID0nIJ2QqBv0uQrh_gKeo5Lu-eYuff4SgMcUQwoIF43vsNngYxxwhjI_AdTFaVT1w.9H6kH1E6HZsgKn-DiH0ZUh5icqpNx20WqmCNqYLPLYo&dib_tag=se&keywords=yellow+dc+motor&qid=1710238445&sprefix=yellow+dc%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-5.

2x wheels https://www.tinytronics.nl/en/mechanics-and-actuators/parts/wheels/spare-wheel-auto-kit-diy. 2x m2.5 *10+6 spacer 2x 15mm or longer female XH2.54 cable(to be soldered on yellow tt motor).

M3 nuts, allen wrench or screwdriver for bolts(metal ones recommended) : 4x M2.5 6mm. 4x M3 30mm. 6x M3 12

drill with m2.5 bit (if m2.5 holes are to small printed). usb c cable(to charge the hat if needed)

i wanna thank ORB (openroboticplatform) : https://openroboticplatform.com/ .

i gonna make soon videos earlier at (recomended for adult audience )
joshwhotv: https://www.joshwhotv.com/channel/_644d40a31f2de
corder.tv : https://corder.tv/channel/Dawsabot22