Atheists Claim That USA Was Not Founded On Christianity


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In this video, apologist Justin Derby responds to an atheist user on Twitter who claims that the United States of America was not founded on Christianity. Derby provides insightful commentary, quoting several founding fathers who not only affirmed the nation's Christian roots but also warned about the consequences of rejecting religion and its associated morality. Join the discussion as Derby delves into historical evidence and offers compelling arguments on the role of Christianity in America's founding.

Marco Twitter Thread:

Washington's Farewell Address 1796:

Revolutionary services and civil life of General William Hull:

Query XVIII; an excerpt from Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson (1784):

Advice to the Young:

Constitution of Vermont - July 8, 1777:

Treaty Of Tripoli:

In Defense Of The Christian Ministry And In Favor Of The Religious Instruction Of The Young:

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