Strange Sounds, Sonic Booms in the Sky, Underground Tunnels

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Lots of reports about strange sounds and sonic booms happening all over the world.
Some people are calling it the trumpets heard in the sky, but I and many others believe in a more logical approach to the sound.
Underground tunnels are being drilled (bored), and have been for the last 55 years or maybe even longer.
Giant underground superhighways are being built with your tax dollar and we are not supposed to know about them. These underground tunnels all lead to huge bases also underground could have been a plot to a lot of mysteries that have been reported all around the world.
When you hear the audio of the strange sounds that have been recorded outside and the sound from a tunnel drill you will notice the huge similarities they share. In a lot of these areas where the sounds have been reported also had Walmarts stores in the area also recently shut down prior to the noise incidents being recorded.
Walmart has already been linked to FEMA and FEMA links to the United Nations. When you compare the charts from closed down walmarts and where the noise complaints of the strange sounds being heard you will see a huge pattern.
These super highways are and have been getting some attention now and some have been reported to go from Washington D.C. all the way to Colorado. Some people might be overwhelmed of this information and think there is no way they could do this without anyone knowing about it but this is not something new at all. We have tunnels underground all over the world and we have huge data lines and power and other types of lines that have been ran under the ocean from one country to another for many years now. This is not new but not talked about much and may seem like it is to good to be true.
We are still waiting for more answers for what these tunnels are being built exactly for. Hopefully now with the United States being under a new administration might actually reveal what the secret was all about.